Anna Bananas


    Repurposed, recycled and reclaimed!  That’s what Anna Bananas is all about: the creative use of old materials to create something entirely new, different and beautiful.

    Anna Bananas is tucked away in the charming historic town of DeLand. FL, we opened our store in the summer of 2010.  Anna Banana’s catchy name comes from one of the owners Diane Venturini, it's what her grandchildren call her "Anna".

    Shannon Venturini, part owner of Anna Bananas is an award winning artist. She specializes in the art of colored pencil. Her art prints and cards are available at the store.  

    Our unique furniture is built by Stan and Paul Venturini they are truly master craftsmen. There authentic hand crafted furniture is made to meet our customers home decorating need and quality.

    Anna Bananas offers an eclectic mix of reasonably priced home decor, scented candles and a wonderful line of all natural local hand made soaps. We have a great selection of old and new, you can see how decorating plays a role in everything working together seamlessly. Come on down and visit Anna Bananas today!